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Incoming Students

Welcome Exchange Students to Dortmund!


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TU Dortmund University is one of the three universities of the German Ruhr Area. The university has approximately 29,000 students and offers a great variety of study subjects. The English and American Studies have a considerable number of exchange relations, which are funded by ERASMUS, among others. Furthermore, we have exchanges with a number of American, Russian, Australian, and South African universities. Students from our partner universities interested in studying at TU Dortmund University will apply to their local exchange co-ordinators. Students from other universities who wish to study English and American Studies at TU Dortmund University, should contact the International Office for further information and possibilities.


Studying in Dortmund: What We Offer

For those who are coming to Dortmund, we provide accommodation in halls of residence, mostly close to the campus. A wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses can be chosen from the teaching programs of

So far, no prior selection of modules has been necessary; exchange students from our partner universities will be accommodated in almost every module. There are also initiatives which help to make our guests welcome, for example the Dortmund Doubles Program.


Studying in Dortmund: Voices from our Exchange Students

TU Dortmund is much more than an academic institution. My six-month experience at the Dortmund Faculty of Culture Studies as an exchange student from La Sapienza University of Rome has been an important period of growth in my life. I soon felt a sense of belonging in a foreign place deeply involving myself in multiple activities such as international symposia, conferences, and academic projects. Students are offered a large variety of courses and one can truly benefit from them as the classes are small enough so that each student one is an active participant during the whole semester. The professors are passionate and engaging. The international office and the people in charge of the exchange students did a great job in making my life much simpler by helping me step by step to cope with administrative and everyday issues one is faced with when living abroad.

Priscilla Trivisonne, La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy


Being an exchange researcher in fall 2012 at the Institute for English and American Studies was an exceptional experience. The Institute proved to be far more than a quiet and peaceful place to complete my M.A. thesis; it was the perfect space wherein I was immeasurably enriched professionally and personally. The kindness, gentleness, generosity, understanding, open-mindedness, and genuine warmth with which I was first welcomed and shown throughout the semester at the Institute have made my stay unforgettable. I cannot thank all the people at the American Studies section enough for their time, patience, and efforts. As our conversations still echo in my head and will doubtless continue to do so in the future, I hereby wish to express my humblest and deepest gratitude for this amazing opportunity to grow.

Gil-Aleksander Laurent-Martine, NRW scholarship recipient, Haifa University, Israel


In the few months (October 2012 to February 2013) I spent at the Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik it became something like a second home for me. I grew there both intellectually and spiritually through an experience of a lifetime. I will never forget either the kindness of the instructors and the colleagues, or the homely atmosphere of the George-McGovern-Foyer. The truly multicultural, intercontinental classroom environment opened such vistas for me that I would have never imagined before and for which I will always be grateful.

Gergely Sárközi, ERASMUS student, Debrecen University, Hungary


We are looking forward to meeting you here!