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Poets that Came: Walt Whitman's Creative Reception from Paper to Web

31 May - 02 June 2018

TU Dortmund University
IBZ, Emil-Figge-Str. 59, 44227 Dortmund

In his poem "Poets to come", Walt Whitman addresses "orators, singers and musicians to come" to "arouse - for you must justify me - you must answer."

Throughout the world and throughout the arts, creative minds have enthusiastically answered Whitman's call. Although anthologies such as Ed Folsom's and Jim Perlman's Walt Whitman: The Measure of His Song have documented the pervasiveness of Whitman's reception in American poetry and many studies exist for other genres and arts as well as other countries, no single symposium has as yet been devoted to the wide international creative reception of Whitman's works-from poetry and painting and music, to film, advertising and the World Wide Web, in the U.S. as well as countries and languages in all parts of the world.

This symposium invites scholars and artists from all fields to contribute to this inter-arts and international phenomenon.

Visitors and guests are welcome.

Please see here for the program.



Prof. Dr. Walter Grünzweig
Professor of American Literature and Culture
Tel.: 0231 755-2912
Dr. Julia Sattler
Tel.: 0231 755-2903