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Laufende Promotionsprojekte (alphabetisch) Current PhD Projects (in alphabetical order)

  • Becker, Julia. “Liminal Experiences: Live-Action Role-Play, a Postmodern Transgression”. (British Cultural Studies)

  • Berkemeier, Moritz. The American Small Town and American Suburbia in Popular Culture. (American Studies)

  • Borsky, Vanessa. Representations of White Women Farmers in Southern African Settler Colonies in Postcolonial Literature. (British Cultural Studies) 

  • Bücker, Daniel. Teaching Prepositions: Cognitive Linguistics in the EFL Classroom. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

  • Danneil, Sandra. The Rhetorics of Comic Transgression: The Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horror". (American Studies).

  • Dornbusch, Thomas. Orthographic Influence on Auditory Speech Perception. (Linguistics)

  • Fabricius, Steffi. The Concept of Sin in Paul's Epistle to the Romans: a Cognitive-linguistic Approach to Biblical Analysis. (Lingustics)

  • Feier, Johanna. Greenvisioning the Far North: Ecocinematic Explorations of Alaska in America's Environmental Imagination. (American Studies)

  • Kaszas-Hoch, Juliet. Natural Calamity in Verse: Poetry of a Warming Earth. (American Studies)

  • Kemmer, Iris. Interkulturelle Kommunikation in Star Trek. (American Studies)

  • Kolat, Erkan. Turkish-German and Chicano Literature. (American Studies)

  • Krosa, Sandra. Pacifica Radio: Alternatives Radio und Amerikanische Kultur. (American Studies)

  • Kumpf, Terence. Towards Transethnic Aesthetics: Bi- and Multilingual Hip-Hop in Germany and the United States. (American Studies)

  • Lutz, Christina. American Evangelicalism and the Left. (American Studies)

  • Makeyeva, Svetlana. Digital Nomadism in the U.S. (2008-2012). (American Studies)

  • Malan, Saskia. Conceptual Blending and Popular Song. (Linguistics)

  • Märtin, Angela. Hair in African American Literature and Culture. (American Studies)

  • Mikó, Erika. New York's Urban Transformation in Hungarian Travel Writing. (American Studies)

  • Möllers, Sophia. William Godwin's Redefinition of Value. (British Cultural Studies)

  • Pukowski, F. Notions of Justice in Immersive Fantasy Literature. (British Cultural Studies)

  • Reinertz, Martin. Construction Grammar and the Acquisition of English as a Second Language. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

  • Rückl, Hanna. The Writer/Translator: Literary Translation as a Form of Creative Writing. (American Studies)

  • Schlusen, Katrin. Das Amerikabild von Friedrich Schönemann. (American Studies)

  • Strauß, Julia. Primary Output - lernprozessorientierte Diagnose und Förderung mündlicher Sprachkompetenzen im englisch-immersiven Grundschulunterricht. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

  • Te Reh, Tazalika M. Between Architecture, Space and the Racial – Black Spaces of Transformation in New York City. (American Studies)

  • Tielens, Saskia. The Ritualization of Mormon History: Tracing Cultural Memory in a Global Zion. (American Studies)

  • Twardowska, Marta. Unsilenced: Female War Reporters in the Contested Gender Arena. (American Studies)

  • Weidner, Timo. The Local in U.S. Online News. (American Studies)


Abgeschlossene, noch unveröffentlichte Promotionsprojekte (alphabetisch) Finished, to be published PhD Projects (in alphabetical order)

  • Baarssen, Joost. Anti-Europeanism in the United States. (American Studies)

  • Bran, Ramona. "A Lifelong Pregnancy"?: An Analysis of Jhumpa Lahiri's Fiction. (American Studies)

  • Dunkel, Mario. The Politics of Jazz Historiography. (American Studies)

  • Furlanetto, Elena. Narratives of the Ottoman-American Empire. A Postcolonial Reading of Turkish American Writers. (American Studies)

  • Nitzsche, Sina. Space out of Control: The Bronx in Literature, Film, and Hip-Hop, 1978-1984. (American Studies)

  • Osterried, Peter. D.H. Lawrence and the Culture of Violence in the Context of the Two World Wars. (British Cultural Studies)

  • Pattenden, Frieda. A Student-Centred Approach to Reading Contemporary American Television. (American Studies)

  • Schulze, D. The Aesthetics of Authenticity in Contemporary British Drama: Truth, Lying and the Lure of the Rea. (British Cultural Studies)

  • Sattler, Julia. Family Secrets: Roots, Memory and Mixed Heritage in the Contemporary United States. (American Studies)


Bereits veröffentlichte Promotionsprojekte (alphabetisch) Published PhD Projects (in alphabetical order)