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It is surely self-evident that anyone who chooses to study English at university level needs above-average English-language skills:

  • degree courses today are relatively short, so you need to have achieved a good level of proficiency in English before you start studying;
  • in this department English is not only the subject of study, but also – to a very large extent – also the medium of study: to cope with and benefit from classes in linguistics, literary and cultural studies, etc. you need advanced English-language skills from the outset
  •  as a student of English you are an English specialist. In a country in which many professions call for excellent foreign-language skills, as an English graduate you need to be outstanding. This is particularly true if you intend ultimately to teach English to others.

The English language is the glue that binds together the various disciplines you will study within the Department. It is important therefore to realise that your own proficiency in English will be a key factor in determining how well you do in your English studies – and not just in Sprachpraxis itself.