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Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Wenn Sie eine Bachelor- bzw. Masterarbeit im Bereich Englische Fachdidaktik schreiben, verwenden Sie bitte das folgende Stylesheet.


Bisher betreute BA-/MA- Arbeiten und Examensarbeiten:

MA - Arbeiten

Learning Culture: Secondary and Tertiary Students' Reflections on Their Stay Abroad Experience (Natascha Mauel)

Survey of English Language Teaching at the Hansa Berufskolleg in Unna in Connection with the Implementation of Companies' Needs and English as a Lingua Franca (Julia Broll & Sonja Schasny)

Intercultural Beliefs of Pre-service EFL Teachers and Their Implications for the Teaching of Intercultural Pragmatics

Teaching East is East: Developing Critical Cultural Awareness

Making Transitions: Assessing Language Ability in Early Foreign Language Learning


BA - Arbeiten

Partial Immersion Settings in German Primary Schools (Christina Schölch)

Errors and Error Correction in the EFL Classroom (Jana Nordmann)

Tell Me More - Learner Experiences with a Language Learning Software with a Focus on Motivation (Anna Schmitter)

Language Aptitude Tests -- What's New? (Tassja Weber)

The Interplay between Knowledge about and Attitudes towards the Concept of ELF (English as a lingua franca)

Teaching and Assessing Mediation in the Lower Secondary Foreign Language Classroom

Using Authentic Materials in Early Foreign Language Learning: Picture Books and Nursery Rhymes.

Teaching How I Met Your Mother in the Upper Secondary EFL-Classroom

The Hopes and Potentials of Project Work for the Acquisition of Intercultural Competence in the EFL-Classroom

Task-based Language Teaching and Early Foreign Language Learning



Student Demotivation in the EFL-Classroom -- A qualitative investigation of demotivation in the context of a German Hauptschule (Sabrina Waschk-Kryszun)



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