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Our Teaching Philosophy

  • Interaction: Most of our courses are seminar-like courses emphasizing group work and dialogue. Students are asked to actively contribute to the seminar from the beginning of their studies.

  • Intercultural Classroom: Students from Dortmund, Europe and the United States engage in an intercultural dialogue about contemporary issues in American culture and literature. Our faculty also consists of instructors from a variety of different cultural backgrounds, such as the US or Germany. Fulbright professors from the United States complete our team.

  • Intensivseminar: We offer a special research seminar with members of the faculty for highly skilled students. Previous seminars aimed at the translation of June Jordan's poetry and the understanding of media and the body.



Each semester, the American Studies department offers up-to-date courses as well as changing seminar topics in order to guarantee the latest state of research. The list below provides examples of courses from past semesters. Our current course catalogue can be found at our iaawiki page.


1. Studienphase - 1st Study Cycle/Undergraduate Level
  • Introduction to American Literary and Cultural History
  • Nineteenth-Century American Literature
  • Unsilenced: Female Reporters Entering the Male Dominated War Arena
  • Frontiers of Thought: American Philosophy and Culture
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Philip K. Dick's Science Fiction
  • Der Salem-Hexenwahn in der Neuengland-Kolonie Massachusetts (1692/1693)
  • The Fiction of William Faulkner
  • Melancholics Anonymous: The Lyric Poetry of City Life
  • Law and Violence in David Simon's The Wire
  • Crime Without Frontiers – Crime Fiction in Different Cultures
  • Coffee & Cafés – A Beverage & Its Cultural Impact
  • Evangelicals and the Media
  • Friendship in German and American Literature
  • The Book of Mormon and American Culture
  • European Studies in a Transatlantic Context
  • Intensivseminar


2. Studienphase - 2nd Study Cycle/Graduate Level
  • Visual Cultures from the 19th until the 21st Century
  • The White Board in Cultural and Media Studies
  • Feminism(s) and Gender Studies
  • African-American Culture and Its Theories
  • Popular American Literature in and about the Nineteenth-Century
  • Critical Approaches to American Culture
  • A Whole New World? Critically Analyzing Disney
  • Ruhr/Detroit
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Legacy of 19th Century Cultural Criticism
  • Growing Old in the 20th and the 21st Centuries: Transnational Perspectives on the Culture of Aging
  • NYLON: Once Upon a Time