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Forschungsprofil - Research Profile

American Studies research in Dortmund is characterized by its dialogical character – by the interaction between international researchers from different countries and American cultural issues; between dominant and subversive cultural spheres; between German and American literatures and cultures; between ‘culture’ and ‘technology’; between literary texts, visual representations and electronic media; between voices from the 19th and the 21st century; between local or regional places and transnational spaces.

We view American culture as a system of relationships and focus on the investigation of the extensive historical, discursive and global network in which it is embedded. We are deeply convinced that our research needs to give voice to those individuals and groups that are not easily heard and that it is the task of American Studies abroad to address the polyphonic diversity of our target culture and to contribute to its understanding in an international context.

Our research areas include:

  • 19th Century Literature and Cultural Criticism
  • African American Literature and Culture
  • Gender, Family and Memory
  • Transatlantic and Transnational American Literature and Culture
  • (New) Media and Popular Culture
  • Spaces, Places and Regions
  • Culture and Technology
  • Urban Studies

For further information on our research activities, please visit the individual staff web pages.


Dissertationen und Habilitationen

Dissertations and Post-Doc Projects

 A list of dissertations and post-Doc projects can be found here.


Konferenzen - Conferences