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Conferences and Projects

Past Conferences and Projects:


Political Bodies | Annual Conference of the German Association for the Study of British Cultures, 23-25 November 2017. Website


The Intersections of Whiteness | International Conference at Ruhr-University Bochum and TU Dortmund University, January 11-13, 2017. Website



Spectacular Now – The Politics of the Contemporary SpectacleInternational Conference at TU Dortmund University, November 11-12, 2016. A conference report can be found here.


Conference "Wrestling with the Angels: Exploring Stuart Hall's Theoretical Legacy"

Stuart Hall, who passed away in February 2014, was one of the founding figures of what is known today as ‘Cultural Studies’ and long-time director of the renowned Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham. Besides that, he was a central figure of the British New Left, founding editor of the journal New Left Review, and one of England’s most charismatic public intellectuals.

Crucially, for Hall, intellectual practice was a politics, and questions of culture were political questions. His was a thinking that was questioning, flexible and open-ended, regularly moving across disciplinary boundaries and synthesizing different theoretical outlooks. It was rigorously contextual, extremely attentive to complexity, dedicated to the concrete, activist, committed and practical, and driven by a curiosity that constantly led unto new (and frequently largely uncharted) theoretical terrain. The subjects covered by Hall’s work include topics as diverse as popular culture and mass media, representation and signifying practices, subcultures, questions of power, ideology and resistance, ‘race’ and ethnicity, globalisation, multiculturalism and diaspora, cultural and personal identity, Thatcherism, New Labour, and neoliberalism.

This conference takes Hall’s recent death as an occasion to explore the legacy of his highly influential and multi-faceted work. For this, it takes its cue from Hall himself, who once said that theoretical work meant ‘wrestling with the angels’ and that the only theory worth having was the one one had to fight and struggle with. This, precisely, is what this conference aims to do: to engage with, examine, use, question, criticise, develop and transform Hall’s many concepts and ideas.


For more information, please visit the conference website: www.stuarthall-dortmund.de


Psychoanalysis in Cultural Studies. Readings and Proposals | International Conference 19-20 June 2015 jointly organised by Ruhr-Universität Bochum and TU Dortmund
For more information, please visit the conference website: http://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/pics/


Fantasy Day

Fantasy – that's all about elves, trolls, dwarfs and escapism, right? Much more than that!

We want to dedicate an entire day to this exciting genre, which to date has attracted only little attention in academic circles, and show how manifold and insightful fantasy can be. Therefore, we cordially invite school and university students, as well as lecturers and everyone interested in the topic, to come to the first Fantasy Day at the Technical University of Dortmund on 1 July, 2014.

It will be hosted by the chairs of British Cultural Studies and Fachdidaktik Englisch / Angewandte Linguistik. Alongside presentations of topic-related student projects, there will be a 'fantastic' framework programme, including workshops, games and readings by the well-known German fantasy author Markus Heitz. We are looking forward to welcoming you on 1 July!


For more information, go to: http://tinyurl.com/fantasyday






Joseph Conrad Ausstellung

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