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M.A. B.A. Sandra Danneil

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Campus Nord
Emil-Figge-Str. 50
44227 Dortmund

Raum 0.415 A

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Kurzbiographie Vita

Sandra Danneil is a Ph.D. candidate and Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and the Media in the American Studies section at the IAA. She has a Master’s degree in Cinema and Television Studies from Ruhr-University Bochum and a Bachelor's degree in education from TU Dortmund. Besides teaching courses in Cultural and Media Studies and organizing an interdisciplinary lecture series on media literacy, she is also involved in the  Dortmund-US exchange program. Sandra also worked in the German film and television industry for several years.


Forschungsgebiete Research Interests

Sandra dedicated much of her time to writing about gender issues such as new masculinities, pornography, or female serial killers. Her main research interests are:

  •  Media Studies
  •  Humor Theory
  •  Theories of Transgression & Liminality


Vorträge Presentations

"Liminal Spaces in the Carnivalesque: The Simpsons as Animated Transgression." 2013 Ruhr PhD Forum in American Studies. TU Dortmund. 19 January 2013.


Konferenzorganisationen Conference Organizations

Organizer (with Elisa Edwards, Sina Nitzsche, Heike Steinhoff, and Alexia Theis): "2013 Ruhr PhD Forum in American Studies." Ruhr-Universität Bochum/TU Dortmund. 18-19 January 2013.


Lehrveranstaltungen Courses

Proseminare Undergraduate-Level Courses
  • Serial Killer Cinema. WS 2013/14. TU Dortmund

  • Film and Television in a Transatlantic Context. (in the framework of the ISP Summer School) SS 2013. TU Dortmund.

  • Cultures of Liminality and Transgression. (Intensive Seminar with Randi Gunzenhäuser) SS 2013. TU Dortmund.

  • Ringvorlesung Berufsfeld Kulturwissenschaften. (with Goll, Nitzsche, Sattler) SS 2013. TU Dortmund.

  • Transgressive Humor - 21st Century Television- and Film Comedy at the Boundaries of Good Taste. WS 2012/13. TU Dortmund.

  • Film Theory - An Introduction Through the SensesWS 2012/13. TU Dortmund.

  • Humor - The Funny Side of America. (Intensive Seminar with Randi Gunzenhäuser) WS 2012/13. TU Dortmund.

Einführungen Introductions
  • Introduction to Cultural and Literary Studies. WS 2013/14. TU Dortmund.